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Our Aim

Our aim is to increase participation and develop the game in the existing community set up.

To give young people an opportunity to engage in sports and access as many life changing opportunities as possible. This acts as a platform for young people to have their views shared and heard, further learning, improving employability and widening knowledge and understanding of their cultures respectively.

Bringing people together young and old through a range of activities aimed at promoting togetherness.

Activities include:

1. Information advice and guidance on drugs, gun/knife and health through sports aimed at developing basic skills to encourage teamwork, develop tolerance and harmony among young people from different backgrounds.

2. Sports, Networking and Culture promotion

This is to give the young people an overview of taking responsibility, participating, getting involved, self control, staying in focus, organisation and skill development. If interested, the young people will be sign posted to other agencies we work with to register for further training and support.

Our Vision is to empower and create a lifetime sporting habit.