On the back of a successful project, through current networks, the opportunity will be given for a large sponsor to put their name to the project in return for funds to continue the growth throughout other UK cities.

The project will specifically target areas of social deprivation or areas of high anti-social behaviour. It will bring together the whole community

As a result of this programme, anti-social behaviour reports will be monitored to measure the social impact it has, training opportunities will be offered for the young people by local clubs that will increase the viability and improve the range and quality of sports options available within the community.

We will ensure that all football clubs are reaching out to every community.

The African Nations tournament believes that football, as the world’s most popular game, can help to bring together people from different backgrounds to play, watch and enjoy the game, and to break down barriers created by ignorance or prejudice.

We will aim to ensure that everyone who plays or watches football can do so in a safe environment, without the fear of racial abuse and harassment, in either a verbal or a physical form. We want to increase the participation of people from ethnic minorities in football, as either players, spectators or employees.

Our tournament will use football to break down barriers between communities and to increase the participation of young people from those communities in the game.

Therefore, once they get involved in a sports activity they like, they will get organized and start doing things the right way and get enormous benefits which will make them feel good as whole human beings. They will start living their lives happily.

And of course not forgetting one thing; To have fun!


Founder | Director

Dennis K. Mahadha

Co-Founder | Director

Eddie S. Kisitu


Marshall Gore